Leveraging a selection of key experts in Singapore Post, this Executive Series is a collection of curated content on multiple themes. This first series by Dr Bernard Leong, Head of Digital Services at Singapore Post, discusses Singapore Post’s digital tranformation journey.

The Evolution of Post in the Digital Age

With the advent of more advanced and accessible modes of communication, Posts must transform themselves to remain relevant. While it is essential for Posts to meet consumers’ current needs, it is even more important to get ahead of consumers’ evolving needs.

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How Posts Prosper in the New Economy

The global shift sparked by the digital era has shaped a new digital economy that threatens the very core of the postal industry. But instead of abandoning its core services, post should embrace its strengths in order to prosper in this new, fast growing highly-digital marketplace.

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Five Areas of Post that Need to Transform

Transformation is key to the sustainability of the postal industry. But transformation needs to be purposeful as well as strategic. Rather than simply changing for the sake of change, post needs to transform in five key areas to maintain relevance in this new, digital marketplace.

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