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We are a regional expert with an extensive network and thorough understanding of the diverse customer expectations, custom regulations and legal requirements to build scalable and cost-effective delivery solutions.

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Research has shown that shipping issues are one of the most common reasons for cart abandonment. At the same time, providing highly customer-centric shipping options, for example same-day-delivery or free-delivery services, can be a significant driver for sales conversion. SP eCommerce understands the expectations of your customers in Asia Pacific and we have the capabilities to deliver. We provide a wide range of delivery and returns solutions to reach your local and international customers, giving you a choice of affordability or speed with our tiered offerings. Our well-established mail and logistics network ensures that you can deliver your eCommerce promises to your customer while maintaining profitable cost structures.

With the growth in online shopping, more parcels are being sent than ever before – which increases the need for a returns solution. We provide flexible, hassle-free and localised return options, allowing your customers a most convenient way to return their orders. Tap into the potential of Asia Pacific as your next eCommerce target market and make SP eCommerce your trusted partner to create a seamless delivery and returns process for your customers.

Regional Presence

SP eCommerce is a regional player with 22 logistic centres across the Asia Pacific region, supporting more than 220 countries and delivering over 8 million items annually.

This regional footprint, coupled with our expertise of more than 150 years in logistics and best-in-class capabilities, enables us to support your eCommerce expansion.

Delivery Solutions

SP eCommerce supports more than 1000 eCommerce businesses across the Asia Pacific region. We are a true regional expert with thorough understanding of the diverse customer expectations, custom regulations and legal requirements to build scalable and cost-effective delivery solutions.

Through our well established delivery networks, we are the right partner to power your eCommerce expansion across Asia Pacific. As a postal organisation, we can enable you to leverage our logistics as well as our mail networks to ensure that your products reach local and international customers promptly. This wide range of delivery options available allows us to tailor our delivery solutions to the needs of your customers.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is an important part of order fulfilment. Today’s customers are more discerning and have come to expect returns services as part of any eCommerce offering. Brands and retailers need to create a hassle-free return and exchange service meeting these changing customer needs.

SP eCommerce offers a complete end-to-end returns management solution that can be tailored to your customer’s needs and within an economically viable cost structure for your eCommerce business.

Customs Clearance

Customs regulations across the Asia Pacific region are highly diverse and can prove challenging to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Through our team of experts as well as our network of trusted partners, we can provide custom solutions that allow our customer to minimise costs and delivery times, while still staying price competitive.

International Delivery Tiered Offerings


International Mail Speedpost Express Speedpost Priority Speedpost Standard
Service Overview Ship light weight shipments economically. Express delivery, suitable for your urgent items Quick & efficientdelivery of your items Cost effective delivery, if you have a little more timeon your hands
Delivery Time 4-10 days 1-3 working days* 2-5 working days* 5-14 working days*
Best Used For Lower value items that can fit in a mailbox. E.g. trinkets and stationery Any items that require express delivery Medium to large size items such as shoes Medium to large size items such as toys
Value-Added Services Option to purchase registered service for delivery confirmation. Doorstep Delivery, Actual Weight Charge, Web & Mobile Track & Trace

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