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What We Offer

At SP eCommerce, we have a passionate performance marketing team backed by years of eCommerce marketing expertise.  We are not a performance marketing agency, we are your performance marketing partner. Why? Our model is results-driven. This means that you can expect to receive the best possible return of investment from your marketing spend as your goal to drive more conversions and sales is our goal too.

We are with you from the start, by mapping your local customer’s online shopping journey from awareness through to purchase. Through effectively harnessing existing data and monitoring trends, we will then provide you with relevant insights to help you better understand your customers. Leveraging on our deep understanding of Asia Pacific’s diverse markets, our performance marketing solutions are built on technology, relentless data measurement & analysis and strategic usage of the best digital marketing channels.

Here is a brief overview of the performance marketing services we offer to drive traffic to your site and increase conversions:


Search Engine Marketing

Our team of experts provide you with an end-to-end search engine marketing solution – from research, to execution, to continuous data measurement and analysis.

As we are driven by the outcome of your marketing activities, we are focused on strategic advertisement placements in order to maximise visibility to your target audience.

Search Engine Optimisation

Google today processes more than 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. With such a sizeable amount of traffic, search engines produce extensive lead potentials, making search engine optimisation (SEO) a fundamental part of your marketing strategy.

Our marketing experts develop and implement comprehensive SEO strategies based on best-in-class SEO techniques that enable us to improve your website ranking on search engines and increase the volume and quality of the traffic on your site.

Site Optimisation Management

Once visitors reach your site, our site optimisation program will ensure that the content and design of your eCommerce site is built to drive revenue and improve returns, with a focus on a great user experience.

Maintaining the content on your site in today’s quick changing landscape can be a challenging task. Our team of responsive digital marketing experts is equipped to execute best-in-class site optimisation programs.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media experts work with your marketing and strategy team to develop campaigns bringing potential customers to your eCommerce site by leveraging on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. We have the tools and skill sets to build programs that drive not only awareness and conversations across social media, but direct relevant traffic to your site to drive sales.

Email Marketing and CRM

Our experienced email marketing experts ensure that your email campaigns acquire new customer and drive repeat sales. We optimise the content of your email programs to ensure a seamless customer experience and improvement of open rates, clicks and responses to your campaigns.

Our data-driven marketing team will build a customised program to meet your specific digital communication objectives so that you can reach your target audience more effectively.

Strategic Partnership & Affiliate Programs

As a truly regional player, we have built a network of strong partnerships across Asia Pacific. These alliances across industries allow us to build tailored partnerships programs for our clients in line with their branding and positioning.

Through partnerships with well-known brands and organisations, your brand can benefit from the exposure to a wider audience to drive greater awareness and sales.

Our Database Of Online Shoppers

SP eCommerce serve hundred thousands of online shoppers across the Asia Pacific region. We own a growing database of over 700,000 online shoppers who have opted in to receive online shopping promotions from SP eCommerce.

Our clients can leverage this database of potential online customers to drive traffic to your site and convert sales.

Performance Marketing Channels






Overview of marketing channels. Size of circles represent average return of investment in marketing for eCommerce businesses.

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