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We provide multi-lingual customer care with a team of highly trained customer service officers based regionally.

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Changes such as the explosion of digital communications, mobility and the acceleration of innovation are having a profound impact on customer expectations. Online customers increasingly demand experiences with self-service options, real-time support, mobile capabilities and localised customer support. Research has proven that online shoppers are more likely to make a purchase when a telephone hotline is prominently displayed within the website. In Asia Pacific, studies have also shown that a local customer care number displayed on the sites, significantly enhances conversion. We allow your customers to shop with confidence via multi-lingual phone support and chat platforms through our dedicated and scalable call centres located in Singapore, Philippines, India and China. SP eCommerce’s Regional Customer Care team focuses on developing regional customer care strategies tailored to local markets across Asia Pacific to support your eCommerce expansion while enabling an economically viable cost structure.

Regional Presence

Asia Pacific is a multitude of cultures, languages and diverse customer behaviours. Online businesses operating across the region face a complex set of challenges in providing high quality customer service.

SP eCommerce provides superior customer services through customer care centres in Singapore, Philippines, India and China, supporting all key Asian languages and geographies.

All our centres are managed through our Regional Customer Care team headquartered in Singapore, led by experienced Customer Service professionals, ensuring high quality standards and implementation of global best-practices.

Through our regional experience and comprehensive network across Asia Pacific, SP eCommerce has the capabilities to deliver the customer care infrastructure to support your business.

Operational Efficiency

SP eCommerce supports some of the largest global and regional brands in their eCommerce business by delivering industry-leading customer service.

Many organisations struggle to deliver effective and personalised customer service in line with company cost constraints and customer expectations. Research shows that this often leads to increased customer dissatisfaction, customer defection and brand erosion.

Our Regional Customer Care team has built a robust and scalable infrastructure, delivering high quality customer care based on an economically viable cost structure for our clients.

Cost Optimisation

SP eCommerce has the relevant resources and cost structures in place to support your eCommerce expansion.

With a business model backed by economies of scale, we can provide you with a cost-optimised solution that can be scaled up as your business grows.

Customer Centricity

SP eCommerce embraces customer centricity throughout our business as we understand the significant value a superior customer experience has to our clients’ businesses.

Power has shifted away from brands and retailers to digitally empowered consumers. Through digital, social media and the ongoing rise of new technologies, consumers now own your brand and have the necessary tools to both promote but also criticise your brand.

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. All our customer care processes are monitored through certified Net Promoter Score Associates to constantly drive better end to end customer experiences.

Technology Support

SP eCommerce customer care centres are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and we continue to invest in our infrastructure and capabilities.

Our team of customer services experts understand the expectations consumers have in the Asia Pacific region. We deliver a differentiated customer experience by deploying the right supporting technologies, business processes and empowered organisational structures to support a superior end-to-end customer journey.

Result: Strong Performance


  • 80% 80% of calls answered within 20s
  • 85% Resolution rate 85%
  • 95% Case documentation rate 95%

Average Handling Time:

108s during peak hours. 200s during non-peak hours.


  • 80% 80% of emails replied within 1 working day
  • 85% Resolution rate 85%
  • 95% Case documentation rate 95%

Average Handling Time:

540s from first touch.

Performance indicators of our customer service levels based on an independent study. Resolution score is calculated based on a parameter in the CSAT survey.

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