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As Asia Pacific’s eCommerce fulfilment specialist, SP eCommerce provides holistic, best-in-class regional warehousing and fulfilment solutions.

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We realise that warehousing and fulfilment related operations for business-to-consumer eCommerce is fundamentally different from traditional logistics solutions for business-to-business trade. That is why our logistics experts have developed industry specific eCommerce fulfilment processes, packing and delivery solutions that are integrated with state of the art warehouse and delivery management systems. SP eCommerce is a regional player operating 22 logistic centres across Asia. Our regional footprint, coupled with our logistics experience of more than 150 years, allows us to be the logistics backbone of your eCommerce business. eCommerce and retail logistics are in our DNA. Join the ranks of global brands and retailers who rely on SP eCommerce’s regional fulfilment solutions and let us power your eCommerce business.

eCommerce Fulfillment Specialist

SP eCommerce supports more than 1000 brands and retailers on their eCommerce journey across Asia Pacific. We are a true eCommerce specialist providing scalable and cost-efficient infrastructure for your online business.

As a regional leader in eCommerce logistics, we understand the behaviour of your customer base in Asia Pacific. These valuable insights into the buying behavior of your customers allow us to develop and implement the right fulfilment strategy to support your eCommerce growth. We also understand the pick and pack patterns unique to your B2C online customers and have the economies of scale to handle large volumes of small size orders.

Regional Accessibility

SP eCommerce operates 22 logistics centres, each equipped with a full suite of eCommerce capabilities from inventory management, order processing, pick and pack through to after sales support, including returns management.

This regional footprint allows us to provide fulfilment solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Depending on the demands of your customer base, you can choose from Regional Distribution Centres (RDC) or Local Distribution Centres (LDC) to maximise customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


SP eCommerce utilises an industry-leading warehouse management system (WMS) to manage some of the most complex and regulated distribution environments. Our WMS provides all key capabilities for receiving, put-away/flow-through, inventory management, order processing, replenishment, pick/pack, loading and shipping.

Through this comprehensive technology infrastructure , coupled with our regional logistic sfootprint, we have the capabilities to keep your inventory moving and customer shipments on schedule.

B2B Warehousing

In today’s digital world, the once clearly defined line between B2B and B2C fulfilment is now blurred. As focus shifts to B2P (business to people) and P2P (people to people), fulfilment is now, more than ever, about being customer centric.

Besides our comprehensive B2C fulfillment services, SP eCommerce has a full range of B2B logistics solutions available across the Asia Pacific region.

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