Customer Centricity: Core Postal DNA for a highly competitive eCommerce market environment

This white paper was written by SingPost’s Group Chief Operating Officer, Dr Sascha Hower, and Vice President of Customer Care & Excellence, Lily Loo. It is an extract of the book “Reinventing The Post: Changing Postal Thinking” by Derek Osborn (editor), Dr Wolfgang Baier (preface) and published by Libri Publishing (October 1, 2014).

Modern technology and the rapid pace of innovation have changed our lives forever. For the postal world, this has resulted in the swift decline in letter-mail and the sharp rise in parcels and packets due to e-substitution and the growth in online shopping globally.

Do postal operators still have a place in this new environment which is characterised by new norms in customer expectations for transparency, speed, choice, convenience, reliability and more?

The answer is obvious as we look around us and see postal peers reinventing themselves to adapt to the changing landscape. It is clear that, in order to survive, postal companies need to transform to meet the changing needs of the customer. What is even more evident is that the playing field is now much wider, with non-traditional providers competing with traditional postal players for market share in delivery solutions.

Let us take a look at the impetus for postal companies to make Customer Centricity core to their DNA in a highly competitive eCommerce market. We present these insights with some specific examples from Singapore Post’s customer-centric journey.

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