Omnichannel Order Management

The hub for your eCommerce ecosystem

End-to-End Solutions: OmnichannelOur OMS is a cloud-based omnichannel order management solution that connects front-end and back-end systems for a complete, 360-degree view of all your orders and inventory from every distribution channel.

Simply put, it is the hub that makes omnichannel retailing work.  The Order Management System (OMS) enhances the customer experience with real-time inventory availability from all your distribution channels, and a flexible ’buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere‘ offering.

One-Stop Command Center for the Entire Order Lifecycle

Our OMS connects all your front-end and back-end systems to create a holistic view of all inventory and all orders from every distribution channel.

Online Shopping

Real-Time, Endless Aisle Inventory

Increase product availability to customers by pooling your inventory from all channels. The OMS is a single data source for real-time inventory from all distribution channels – distribution centers, retail stores, drop-shippers and more.

Intelligent Order Routing

With automated, rules-based order sourcing, orders are fulfilled from the optimal distribution point to enable the fastest delivery, at the lowest cost.

Omnichannel Fulfillment Options

Unite in-store and online customer experiences, and provide a flexible ’buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and return anywhere‘ shopping experience.

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