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Developing eCommerce Market Entry Strategies in Asia Pacific

Jointly developed by two global eCommerce leaders: SP eCommerce and TradeGlobal, this advisory report highlights the potential of eCommerce in Asia Pacific. With key insights and the latest research findings, global brands can gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges present in this highly lucrative yet fragmented region. This report also aims to provide global brands with recommendations on how they can plan their market entry strategy into this complex region to fully explore its eCommerce potential.


Indonesia’s eCommerce Landscape 2014

This white paper details the eCommerce landscape of Indonesia, drivers of eCommerce growth, insights into the profile of the Indonesian online shopper, key industry players and challenges in one of the region’s fastest growing consumer markets.


Customer Centricity: Core Postal DNA for a highly competitive eCommerce market environment

This white paper explores the importance of customer centricity in today’s competitive and dynamic eCommerce environment.


The Changing Face of eCommerce and Logistics in Asia Pacific

An overview of Asia Pacific’s eCommerce potential and the key factors driving its rapid growth.


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