Remarketing – A Powerful Tool In Converting Consumers

Capturing and converting website visitors is one of the greatest challenges for every eCommerce business. With over 95% of website visitors leaving a site without converting, the odds of making a sale online are pretty low. While usability and conversion rate optimization can improve the situation, a key step to ensuring visitors return to your site and continue their purchasing journey is remarketing or retargeting.

Remarketing is a powerful tool, which delivers results by its ability to deliver targeted messages to specific audiences across various media channels.

Remarketing allows a company to target users who have previously visited their website, by displaying relevant advertisements across the internet, on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or when they perform a Google search. Remarketing allows businesses to reconnect with existing and potential customers with specific messages, even after they have left a site. This continued connection helps foster a stronger customer relationship in the long run. Compared to more traditional marketing conversions, conversion rates from remarketed advertisements tend to be significantly higher.