The Changing Face of eCommerce and Logistics in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific (APAC) is the fastest growing region in the global eCommerce landscape. This paper explores key trends and opportunities for logistics companies serving this fast moving sector. It also discusses challenges of doing business in Asia and specific initiatives that some companies have taken to stay competitive and effective in this dynamic region.

Key Highlights


  • Asia Pacific is the Pulse of the Global eCommerce Boom: The region’s growth in online retail is forecast to surpass North America by 2014, making APAC the largest region for B2C online sales in the world.
  • Four Key Factors Fuel eCommerce Growth in the Region: The rise of the middle class, greater mobile and Internet penetration, more supply of new eCommerce players and increasing logistics options in the ecosystem have greatly contributed to this growth.
  • Southeast Asia’s Logistics Infrastructure is Changing: Logistics and transportation providers need to reinvent themselves to stay competitive in the fast-changing eCommerce landscape.
  • Customer Needs are Changing: Customer-centric design is key, with a greater emphasis on localisation and creating seamless experiences across multiple touch points.
  • Asia Pacific is Facing Multiple Challenges for eCommerce Growth: The region’s eCommerce ecosystem and supporting infrastructure need to develop to keep up with the industry’s growth. Managing customer expectations and complexities in cross-border commerce are also key challenges.
  • Singapore is Set to Be a Key Gateway into Asia Pacific’s eCommerce Market: Strategically located in the region, Singapore’s highly developed infrastructure, technological advancements and global connections make it a promising entry point into the region.

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